Chambery Capital

 Connecting Capital to Returns


Chambery Capital is an investment management firm focusing on unique niche opportunities mainly in the European markets. We provide to our clients managed performance from private investments in exclusive strategies with a high potential. Our philosophy is to seek returns uncorrelated to the developments in the financial markets with the focus on undervalued assets and special situations. We bring to our clients years of successful experience, a unique network, dedicated expertise and an exceptional client oriented approach.



Our investment philosophy is to spot and uncover opportunities in changing environments. Being an active investment manager, our approach is to add value and deliver results.


We target to acquire majority equity positions in undervalued, asset-rich companies that needs to be restructured and turned around. Generally, we seek a synergy effect with the portfolio companies.

Dutch SME

In addition, we focus on Dutch SME businesses looking for alternative funding sources. We support growing, scale-ups in order to get such companies to the next level. Funding in such cases is related to working-, growth- or acquisition capital. We apply a flexible, situation based approach and review each case on an individual base. It is our philosophy to be the right partner for the right situation.


For some strategies, Chambery Capital uses specialized artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies with practical applications in the financial markets.


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Patrick Lemmens
Patrick Lemmens

As a former Chartered Accountant, Patrick specialised in Corporate Finance, Business restructuring and special investigations and has previously worked for both EY and Crowe Horwath. Patrick has worked in the fund management industry as a service provider, advisor and on interim management engagements.

Henk van Andel
Henk van Andel

After completion of his studies in business administration, Henk held various mainly financially oriented jobs within various companies. Currently, Henk is an Investment Director.

Jan Welkzijn
Jan Welkzijn

Experienced entrepreneur and investment manager, including founder of SNS Fundcoach and investment manager at Atlas Venture. Currently responsible for investor relations and fundraising.

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